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Unleash your child's potential with our fun and engaging taekwondo program. Our experienced instructors will help your child develop life skills like confidence, focus, and discipline while having a great time.

  • Fun and Engaging

  • Develop Confidence

  • Improved Focus

  • Learn Goal Setting

  • No Contracts & Commitments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a safe activity for my child?

Yes it is! We always start with non-contact drills and activities. As they progress in skills, we'll slowly introduce contact in a safe manner.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child in a martial arts program?

Enrolling a child in a martial arts program can lead to a range of benefits, including improved physical fitness and coordination, increased self-confidence and self-esteem, and enhanced problem-solving skills. It is also a positive and fun activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides opportunities to build lasting friendships.

I don't want to sign a contract. Does you offer month to month programs?

Yes! We do not believe in any contracts, commitments or registration fees. At 4Point, we offer complete transparency with regards to our memberships. We post our prices and policies online.
We do not believe in any business practices that are designed to mislead or confuse our students.
We believe our teaching does the selling.